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I know Abaye since I was a little boy. She was not only the grand mother of my brother Yared Mezelekia but she was also my mother. She was a god fearing person, a great exemplary mother for many people. She was caring, sociable, and loving mother. May she rest in peace.

September 11, 2017
- Brouk Yiheyis

I wish I was still there with you.... Mommiye. Even though we were expecting it, still shocking to hear the sad news. I know very well that losing a mom is the most unbearable experience. However, you are a very lucky and blessed person. You took care of Abayiye very well till the last day. You have done your best - the maximum one blessed child can do for a mom. You should now celebrate her life, pray for her soul and stay with her beautiful memories. Remember that Abaye is now in a better place, no more suffering and enjoying the shoulder of our Lord. My thoughts are with you mommiye. May Abaye's soul rest in eternal peace.

September 8, 2017
- Firehiwot Kassahun

Abayiye,weyne!!!, you were an inspiration to us all, you will be missed! I will always remember your tea in your house around Mexico in front of Africa hotel and your stories!!! You showed us all what being wise is, you will forever be an inspiration in my life and a guiding force, may your soul rest in peace, I will never forget you Grandma

September 5, 2017
- Belay Negousse

Abaye, you were extraordinarily self-less and an enduring mother. The burden is on us now to carry and build the just family.

September 4, 2017
- Tes

Abayiyeee I MISS YOU! I am glad you finally reunited with Mezy. Hugs to you both!!!

September 4, 2017
- Mazi

It's is with much regret and sadness that I have learnt about the passing of your mother. Although of advanced age, this news came as a real shock as it was just a few days ago we saw her looking healthy and alert, and you so grateful and cheerful. I know from personal experience, that no matter how certain it is that death with come, particularly when age is advanced, when it does, we are never prepared. This is particularly true for some one so near and Dear as a parent. So, I know the deep sadness, emptiness and wrenching loss you must feel. Do, however, find the courage to endure as only time can heal such a wound, though never completely. I known of your strong Faith and I am sure that that will help pull you through. Try to celebrate Mom's full and accomplished life --I am sure that is what she would like you to do. Accomplished, it has been and if there is any doubt just look at yourself in the mirror. I know that no amount of words, no matter how carefully chosen can ease the pain or reverse the loss, but I want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers --and we are always there for you. With deepest sympathy.

September 2, 2017
- Dr Jimmy Smith

Abaye, as Solee and Aby put it you are in heaven, a better place. Please shine down and watch over us our guardian angel. You will always be in our hearts and Meenu never got enough of your love, that makes me sadder than I should be. I am not sure what tell him yet, he is only three remember? Rest In Peace with the rest of our loved ones Mezy, my dad Menyahil and your most beloved mom Etiye. Greetings to all. You gave all yourself and unconditional love to the entire family and love is what remains.

September 2, 2017
- Emnet Menyahil

I am so sorry that I was not able to see you before you went to the Lord, AbayƩ. You will always be in my heart and your " mirikat" will always keep me going. Rest In Peace, AbayƩ

September 1, 2017
- Tsellate M Melles

I met you once, but that was enough For it was all the time I needed To find that diamond in the ruff Before God's call was heeded May your spirit never dies but always be in peaceful rest

August 31, 2017
- Charmaine Smith

We are sorry to hear about the loss of beloved Abaye. We will never forget her warm smile and gracious welcome. We are saddened not to have Abaye here with us, but honored &blessed to have known her. She will be missed by the Birke Family.

August 31, 2017
- The Birke Family.

Today I lost my mom, my friend, my guardian, my love. Abayiye I love you and miss you already. May you Rest In Peace.

August 31, 2017
- Guenet Desta

Dearest Etye Geni, Meaze , Tesye, Yared and the extended family. It's a sad news to hear about the Abaye, please know that our prayers and thoughts are with all of you. May the Lord grant eternal peace to Abaye, and peace snd strength to all of you. We are deeply sorry we can't attend the funeral. With all our prayers The Wentworth.

August 31, 2017
- Haimanot Bekele -Wentwortg

May you Rest in Peace Abayiye my love

August 31, 2017
- Yared Mezlekia

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