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Roberta S. Carr
Service: February 23, 2019 (Saturday) at 11:00 a.m.
Location: Guild Chapel at Asbury Methodist Village, 211 Russell Ave., Gaithersburg, MD

Roberta (Bobbie) Schuette Carr passed away February 12, 2019 at her home in Gaithersburg, MD where she had resided for the last 12 years. Only a month earlier she had happily celebrated her 90th birthday with her family.  

Memorial service to be held at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 23 at Guild Chapel at Asbury Methodist Village, 211 Russell Ave., Gaithersburg, MD, with reception to follow.  

In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate donations to Friends Club 6601 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda, MD 20817 or the Asbury Benevolent Fund  

Roberta (Bobbie) Parker Schuette Minturn Peed Carr was born to Emily Parker and William Schuette Jr. on January 17th 1929 in New York City. Being an only child her parents were everything to her. Fond memories of walking to school, church and Central Park with her father were expressed many times by her over the years. Her love for God was started at a young age and even though Central Park was in the middle of Manhattan it was the beginning of her love for nature.

Bobbie attended Spence School in New York. She was pretty tickled to find out Gwyneth Paltrow was an alumnus of Spence also. She was so proud of her education she received there and what a fine foundation it had given her in her life.   Bobbie was asked to join the chorus and said later that it was definitely her enthusiasm that got her into the chorus as she didn’t think she could actually follow a tune.  But she could and she taught her children, grandchildren and many others dozens of songs singing them on road trips or just being stuck in traffic. Good old fashioned songs like O my Darling Clementine,  Away in a Manger, Cockles and Mussels and on Top of Ole Smokey and if there was a Mother Goose rhyme she knew it.  Many songs she learned from her years at Ponemah Camp where she spent 16 summers of her youth and eventually became a camp counselor.  She loved to horseback ride, canoe, and hike . This is where she learned to always cut up pancakes first before putting syrup on as she learned it the hard way having an entire plate of pancakes land in her lap with sticky syrup covering her clothes. 

Graduating from Spence in 1947 she went to Boston’s Simmons College and graduated with a degree in Home Economics and Sociology which she believed would help her to educate women in inner city neighborhoods to budget and make nutritious meals for their families. Her desire to help others was always foremost in her mind. 

Bobbie married Brad Minturn in 1952 and helped him to attend seminary in Virginia to become an Episcopal minister. They moved to Edwardsville, Kansas to a parish, St Martins in the Field. They lived on the second floor of a schoolhouse while the church itself was below them.  This change from big cities on the east coast to a midwestern two-room schoolhouse did not seem to faze her but she found she loved the down to earth people she met and stayed in touch with many forever.

In 1957 she moved to Silver Spring, Maryland into the rectory of Ascension Church. Bobbie loved her job of a “rectors wife” and being a mother. Now back on the east coast and closer to her family in NYC she became a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Colonial Dames. Bobbies’ mother, Beebee as her grandchildren called her, was thrilled that she was following in her footsteps.  Having taken Art Appreciation courses at Simmons she became a docent at the Smithsonian Art Museum giving tours to school age children.  One of the children on the tours was so impressed by this explanation of the artwork she later earned a Doctorate of Art History saying it was this tour of the museum that influenced her studies of art history. 

The family of now five moved to Bethesda, Maryland in 1963. Here Bobbie raised her children. As she was approaching 40 years of age she knew she wanted to take them camping. So the 4 of them piled into the monolithic station wagon and headed for California. Driving just 4-6 hours each day they would stop at a hopefully nice campground,  set up an ancient canvas army tent and cook beef stew with bread n butter or hotdogs. Swim or fish was the activity of the afternoon. Faring thunderstorms in Zanesville Ohio and terrific heat in Shamrock Texas where she nearly passed out in the tent drinking a Fresca we made it to Phoenix and later Calif. She was always so grateful that she did this trip. It gave her the confidence a few years later to head down the Green River in Utah for a white water trip with her sons, Bill and Pete.  She was always up for an adventure. She went camping and boating with family in the Caribbean for several years, such wonderful memories for family to treasure now. 

In 1975 Bobbie married Donald Peed who tragically died 6 months later. She mourned for him tremendously. With good friends, fellowship with Fourth Presbyterian Church, where Don and Bobbie had been married and the help of God and her faith she survived that loss.  

Perhaps more than anything else Bobbie loved being a teacher. She taught Kindergarten and First Grade at Primary Day School in Bethesda, Maryland for 10 years. Bobbie was a nurturing and loving teacher and her students knew they were safe and loved by her. Many of her students who are now in their 40’s still kept in touch with her wishing her a Happy Birthday just last month. 

In 1986 Bobbie married Howard Carr. They had so much fun on their adventures to Africa, Israel, The National Parks, Alaska and the Caribbean. Howard’s church, The Community of Christ Church was an important part of their life together. She became a grandmother to Howard’s children’s children. She was there at graduations and weddings and births. She was and still is Grand Bobbie to Howard’s family though Howard passed away in 1996. Howard’s daughters have expressed how richly she made an impact on their lives and how grateful they were for the loving care she gave Howard during his illness. 


Bobbie loved the ocean! Whether it was Puerto Rico, Gloucester Massachusetts or the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  She had to get in that water and jump the waves! As it got progressively harder to get out beyond where the waves broke on the shore her children and grandchildren would help, keeping a close eye on the waves and then hurrying her in to the point past where they were breaking. She wrote about this in a book we found recently where she believed she was safe in an inch of water coming back to shore, she let go of her helping hands and with a small ripple of water she lost her balance and began to roll out with the backwash and then roll back in with the next wave all the time laughing uncontrollably.  This happened more times than we can remember. We felt the lifeguards knew who she was.

Bobbie did volunteer work for St Luke’s Homeless Shelter for Men in the District. For several years she made sure that for every night of the year there was a hot meal, salad and dessert being served.  It was a huge undertaking and took up a tremendous amount of time.  She selflessly gave of herself.

Bobbie loved all her grandchildren dearly and she knitted blankets or sweaters for almost all of them. The last one she finished this past Christmas. It was truly a labor of love. She wanted it to be perfect, absolutely not to have one mistake. Unfortunately she didn’t remember how to correct mistakes anymore, So it was necessary to drive to people who would fix the mistakes in sometimes just minutes only to have her back a few hours later with another mistake. There were quite a few people in Maryland and Wyoming that were saints with helping make this beautiful blanket.  

Bobbie moved to Asbury Methodist Village in 2007. It was a hard decision but once made and moved in she started enjoying new activities like playing dominoes and dabbling in yoga and swimming and having dinner and cocktail parties with new and old dear friends.  It cannot be counted how many times Bobbie looked out her window on the eleventh floor and said how much she loved the view, the sky and how much she loved her apartment that she had furnished from a 5 bedroom house in Rockville to her one bedroom apartment. Sitting in the apartment now that Bobbie has passed away I feel there is so much of Bobbie still present. So many items are there from her grandparents and her parents.  We have been calling the apartment “The Bobbie Carr Museum”.  Each piece of furniture had a story and meant something about the person who gave it to her or where it came from. Her kitchen cabinets were covered with crayon pictures, notes from and photos of children she met through the years.  One of these children  Bobbie mentored through Asbury Mentoring Group.  She enjoyed this special relationship with the little girl and her family. She also volunteered to help at Gaithersburg Elementary School. She said at this time how much she loved children. She could see how much they needed her and it made her feel so good to be there for them. She wanted to stay busy, to have a purpose, 

Her husband Howard J Carr, stepdaughter Christine Pryor,  granddaughter Alicia Gay Steele, and her grandson Justin Steele predecease Bobbie. She leaves her children Judith Rowles (Ed), Bill Minturn (Carolyn) and Pete Minturn (Robin), stepdaughters Mary Carr Buxbaum (Bob) , Lisa Carr (David Renn), and Diane Pryor and grandchildren Emily Megan Brown (Dodi), Brittany Dankewicz (Eric) Ben Minturn, Parker Minturn, Mac Minturn, Thomas “Bub” Minturn, Paige Minturn, Brooke Minturn, Rex Minturn. Kevin Renn(Leigh), Bauerle Worden(Greg), Corlin Woodward(Matt), Brenna Burke(Weston)Lisa Gard (Jeremy) , Tina Cardwell (Scott) and Great grand children  Justice Zerfas, Gabrielle Brown, Kyjah Brown, Sophia Carpenter, Grace Dankewicz, Jax Carpenter, Parker Dankewicz, Logan and Ryder Renn, Mason, Parker and Cameron Worden, Brady and Evelyn Woodward , Rowan Burke and Mason Cardwell. As she said at her 90th birthday party she was so proud of her family and loved to talk about them. She had a lot to say with such a large family! 

This is the story of a woman who lived a good life. She treasured the people in her family and still had love to share making so many lives richer.  She will be missed more than tongue can tell. 

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