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Almaze Woldehana Felfela
Service: September 1, 2017 (Friday) at 8:00 a.m.
Location: Debre Genet MedhaneAlem Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, 4401 Old Branch Ave, Temple Hills, MD 20748

Woizero Almaz Wolde Hanna (Abaye) was born in Harar on January 8, 1922 from her father Ato Menkir Wolde Hanna and her mother Woizero Zewdinesh Damtew.

She was brought up by her grandfather Aleka Wolde Hanna who used to belong to the Orthodox Church hierarchy in Harar. Abaye learned to read and write Amharic and received a thorough religious education in her grandfather's home. She enjoyed his deep affection and the serene atmosphere prevailing in the house surrounded by fruit trees. Aleka Wolde Hanna passed away holding her hand prior to the fascist Italian invasion. At that time Almaz was a teenager.

Abaye met her husband Ato Desta Hailu during the fascist Italian invasion. She started a family with him and lovingly raised one son and three daughters. She is also survived by her seven grand-children, and six great grand-children.

Abaye was a loving and caring mother. She was also a good wife and an exemplary partner to her husband. She supported him during his pursuit of higher education, and helped him launch and manage the first ever modern pharmacy in Addis Ababa.

Abaye was also an expert in Ethiopian cuisine and had a rare talent in sewing and knitting. But most of all she enjoyed entertaining family and friends and making people happy.  


Abaye was a devout Christian and attended prayer service daily through her 80s. Abaye was a Korabi and she had an unwavering set of values which helped her overcome several challenges throughout her prosperous and long life.

Abaye's overall guiding principle was her unconditional love to her family members. During the last moments of her journey, she was comforting to those around her and she considered her eventual passing away as a natural conclusion of life.

Abaye was and will always be a source of love and inspiration. We will miss her tender kiss, her affection, and her mesmerizing smile. May you Rest In Peace Abayiye.


The matriarch has passed on August 30, 2017, before twilight pierced through the morning glory.  We can't help but think she was that bright sun that warmed so many people.  Her work was done here on earth.

Friends and family are welcome to come to a funeral service on Friday, September 1, 2017, at 8:00 a.m. at Debre Genet MedhaneAlem Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, 4401 Old Branch Avenue, Temple Hills, MD.  Interment to follow at Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Silver Spring, MD.

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