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Maria Teresa Miller


Terri passed peacefully on Sunday, 5 March, 2017. Of Portugese-Macanese descent she
was born in Hong Kong in 1926 and grew up in the Shanghai French Concession,
attending the College Municipal Francais. With a French language background she was
able to obtain a position as the secretary to Baron Robert Rothschild, the Belgian Consul
General in Shanghai, With his transfer to Washington he sponsored Terri's immigration
to the United States when the Communists took control of China. She worked at the
Belgian Embassy through 1965.

Through word-of-mouth by friends entertained by Terri in those years she was
interviewed by the Washington Post regarding her culinary skills, resulting in an August
1960 article, "DC Career Girl is a Capital Cook." Her ecelctic receipe repertoir was
developed through "make-do" cooking during the WWII Japanese occupation of
Shanghai. However, as a quick-learning teen-ager she was able to teach Japanese officers'
wives living in their apartment building how to bake.

On her marriage to Max Miller and as her children Paula and Craig reached school-age
she became a parent-volunteer at Annunciation Parish School where she introduced an
after-school French language class. After receiving a Language Teaching Certificate from
American University she was hired by the St. Patricks' Day School to establish a multi-
grade French Program. With her students performing well on national French tests, the
program was highly praised by the parents, including dedicated financial support for the
acquistion of enhanced teaching materials. She participated in the National Episcopal
Schools Haiti Partnership Program. She continued as a French tutor after retiring from St.
Patricks. For several summers, while at St. Patricks, she worked as a bilingual secretary
at the World Bank.

During these years she continued as a volunteer at Annunciation Parish serving as the
Girl Scout Leader, working with girls through their Senior Scout ranks. As a Scout
Leader she learned first aid from the Red Cross. She also taught Needle Point and
Crochet at the Eaton Elementary Day School After School Program. These home-making
skills were learned from her mother after school while listening to the radio, resulting in a
life-long love of classical music. In the present-day afternoons, with the music on and a
Martini by her side, she indulged her affinity for historical novels and biographies of
medieval and modern European queens and kings. For many years she was an
Annunciation Usher and Annual Bazaar Jewelery Section volunteer

In the early 1990's she took up water color painting and was progressing nicely when she
heard of the Corcoran Art Gallery Docent Program. She joined the program in 1993 and
served as a docent through 2011, specializing in elementary school children and French
language tours. Between 2012 and 2014 she resumed her water color painting.
Private memorial services will be held later.

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